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The boys lie story

It’s kind of a funny story. Flash back to the year 2007 in the suburban outskirts of Philadelphia. Boys Lie founders Tori Robinson and Leah O’Malley were just two teenage girls living on the same street. The duo attended different high schools, circled in different cliques, and their interests were about as opposite as they come. Despite their close proximity and social distance, little did they know that life would bring them full circle and their love lives would ultimately determine their fate as both best friends and business partners.

Fast forward almost a decade to the summer of 2016, Tori has graduated from Arizona State University and Leah University of Colorado. So, what brought the pair back to each other, you ask? Relationships. It just so happened that the pair found commonality as they both split up with long-term boyfriends, who coincidentally were best friends.

Tori was raised on business-savvy values as she grew up learning the ins and outs of her family company, Keystone Industries, a predominant player in cosmetics manufacturing. Growing up, Tori’s interests ranged from sci-fi to tennis- and her strong suits were drawing, creating and visualizing. She embraced her artistic side throughout college as a Creative Writing and Poetry major at ASU.

Leah’s upbringing revolved around family, sports, and friends. She was always a social butterfly, which contributes to the bubbly, loving person she is today. With a background in sales and an inherent creative vision herself, Leah knew her set of skills could work in conjunction with Tori’s to turn this small idea into a successful business venture.

The underlying premise of their message is that something beautiful can come from something that feels excruciatingly painful in the moment. Boys Lie is a beautiful product of heartache. Sometimes we all just need that push in the right direction, that encouragement from an outsider’s voice, or a compliment from a stranger.

Tori and Leah decided that if they can inspire one another to overcome obstacles, trust issues and self doubt- why not bring that inspiration to the masses? And what girl doesn’t love the occasional glam sesh to cheer herself up after a bad day? Boys Lie is a celebration of all the women who have been to hell and back, but manage to keep it all together on a daily basis. Feeling confident is pretty much the most powerful tool you can have.