Never feel blue over a boy again, now you can wear it and let the world know ;) **ALL ORDERS TAKE 2-3 WEEKS TO SHIP**...
Just smile and wave as you are saying goodbye to the boy who made you cry.. trust us, you’re better off without him.  THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY ON PRE-ORDER AND MAY TAKE 2-3 WEEKS TO SHIP....
Show the world how much you can truly do. RISE UP and show them who the f*** is boss.  **ALL ORDERS TAKE 2-3 WEEKS TO SHIP**...
Meet our first born child, the Boys Lie denim hoodie. The wash, fit, and aesthetic you've been low-key dreaming about and didn't even know it. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Wait- Am I a blogger?" Good luck ever taking this off.  *Please note this i...
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