I was ghosted and left alone on my birthday.

Ally Tan @ 2019-01-04 18:28:19 -0500
The first time I had ever been swept off my feet was last year. I met this guy through mutual friends and immediately there was a connection. He is a well known DJ and even though I lived in New York and he lived in California, he would fly me around the world just to be with him. I had never been taken care of before the way he took care of me, and I have to admit this new lifestyle with him was new and exciting. I loved it, and I loved him. I would drop anything I was doing at the time if he asked me to hang out and I wouldn’t let anything or anyone get in my way. A couple months went by and my birthday was coming up. My best friends wanted to throw me a party in NYC, but he wanted to fly me from New York to California to celebrate with him. Of course, I decided to spend my birthday with him. When I got there, everything was perfect. He took me out to dinner, wined and dined me, and then dropped me off at the hotel because he had to go in to the recording studio to finish up a song he was working on. A couple hours went by, and after I had texted him a few times, there was no answer from him. An entire day went by of total silence from him. After a ton of questioning everything and a ton of crying, I flew myself home. It’s been a year now since that happened, and I still haven’t heard anything from him. After some snooping on social media, I found out that he had a girlfriend the entire time we were together. I was GHOSTED and left alone on my birthday.